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  1. 57% of baby boomers use tablets compared with only 35% of millennials. (Nielsen)
  2. 65% of baby boomers own a desktop computer and 49% own a laptop. (BrainBoxol)
  3. 70% of millennials own a laptop compared with 57% who own a desktop, making them the first generation to be more likely to own a laptop overall. (BrainBoxol)
  4. Only 26% of internet-using baby boomers say they feel very confident when using electronic devices to do the things they need to do online. (PRC)
  5. Only 27% of millennials follow the news, compared with 46% of Gen X and 61% of baby boomers. (PRC)
  6. Gen Xers are the most likely to get their news from websites or apps, millennials are most likely to get it from social networking sites, and baby boomers are most likely to get it from local TV. (PRC)
  7. Gen Xers are heaviest social media users of any demographic group, with 34% of the demographic using it compared to 69% of the total adult population. (Nielsen / PRC)
  8. Facebook is the most popular platform for sharing content across all generations, with 51% of Gen Z, 62% of millennials, 58% of Gen X, and 63% of Baby Boomers using it most often out of all social media. (BuzzStream x Fractl / PRC)
  9. More than 60% of people from all generations who follow brands are willing to buy from them. If the brand invests in organic engagement through 1-on-1 conversations and positive interactions, the number goes up to 69%. (Sprout Social)
  10. 90% of millennials research product reviews online before making a purchase. (Synchrony)
  11. Gen Xers spend about 21 hours per week on their smartphones while millennials spend 19 hours. (Nielsen)
  12. Gen Xers spend more time per week on all devices—21 hours on smartphones, 9 hours on PCs, and 4 hours on tablets—than millennials do. (Nielsen)
  13. 45% Gen Z says they’re on their phone “almost constantly;” 61.8% of Gen Z and millennials say they would rather leave their wallet at home instead of their phone. (PRC / LivePerson)
  14. Less than 10% of each generation reports consuming content late at night, or between 12am-5am. (BuzzStream x Fractl)
  15. 21% of millennials unfollow brands because of having a bad experience; 22% unfollow because they found a brand’s social marketing to be annoying. (Sprout Social)
  16. Millennials are twice as likely as other generations to turn to social (instead of phone or email) to communicate with a brand. (Sprout Social)
  17. 69% of Gen Z finds advertisements to be disruptive. (Vision Critical)
  18. 45% of Gen Xers use their phones to look for a better price or other options on a product while shopping at a retail store. (BrainBoxol)
  19. 39% of millennials, 33% of Gen Xers, and 24% of baby boomers use mobile payments when shopping, paying bills, or sending or receiving money. (Pew)
  20. 84% of Gen Z makes shopping a social activity, such as part of their day out on the town. (Retail Assist)