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Integrating Magento Ecommerce with Point of Sale Order Processing

With over 25 years of experience in technology integration and development. We are a developer of software, ecommerce, cloud, web & mobile apps, and hardware. We’ve integrated Magento ecommerce, NCR CounterPoint SQL, Retail POS systems, websites, and SQL databases. We have from the beginning provided IT services, networking, and computer repair. Point of Sale Software. 

Services We Provide:
  • Magento eCommerce – Ecommerce has transformed the way goods and services are sold. Many businesses have found e-commerce as a new source of revenue. At Computer SOS we provide small and medium businesses with the tools needed to create successful eCommerce stores!  We specialize in creating ecommerce sites integrated with NCR Counterpoint. Our customers love our turn key solution that sync their Brick and Mortar retail stores with their eCommerce store fronts.  We create custom Magento 2 ecommerce solutions. Magento is the world’s #1 commerce platform. Whether you have 10 SKUs or 10,000, we can help.
  • Business IT Solutions – The term IT (Information Technology) can have several definitions. At Computer SOS, we specialize in all aspects of IT. Need assistance with setting up your network or domain? No problem, we have over 25 years of expertise. Need to set up your business with a cloud backup of all your business files?  Computer SOS Inc. delivers just what the name “managed IT systems” implies. We set up servers dedicated to meet your business needs in one of our state-of-the-art data centers. This ensures the highest level of security, availability, service, flexibility and scalability.  A managed database is a cloud computing service in which the end-user hires Computer SOS for access to a database. Unlike a typical database, users don’t have to set up or maintain a managed database on their own; rather, it’s is part of Computer SOS service to oversee the database’s infrastructure.  Whether it’s a small issue with a home network and you don’t have time or transportation to bring it to us, or a complete outage in a business or office. Set up a time and date and a service technician will be out to diagnose and repair your equipment on site.
  • Retail POS Systems – We create POS ecosystems for mom and pop retail shops to multi-store chains including retail point of sale, ecommerce, inventory management, credit card payment processing, order processing, labeling, and reporting. Our preferred environment is NCR Counterpoint SQL, as it has a feature set that is superior to other products on the market.   The allows ecommerce integration into Magento ecommerce.  Time is the most valuable resource. A well-implemented POS system will save you HOURS of time and allow to you focus on your customers.  Your customers will appreciate how quickly transactions happen at your store. This will ensure repeat customers.  Your POS system will allow your business to scale easily. Adding more SKUs or POS systems is extremely quick.
  • Web Development – We have been building websites for 20+ years. We can design and code your professional website. We also provide copywriting and SEO services.
    Computer SOS can provide years of advice and trusted recommendations when it comes to the web.  Computer SOS is a market leader in the web design industry. From an ever-growing list of clients locally, nationally, and internationally, we develop leading websites to build your business the perfect website.  Managing a web server can be challenging. At Computer SOS we provide turn key hosting for customers who wish to focus on their business, not struggling with web hosts.
  • Computer Repair & Support – We provide computer repair, laptop repair, and software support to our business customers in the Buffalo, NY area. We also offers virus removal, data backup, laptop screen repair, and computer repair. Our team of technicians offer fast and reliable services and handle all kinds of repair services to quickly solve viruses and system errors. We here at Computer SOS are dedicated to our customers and we have made network connections for over 25 years. The next time you run into any computer problems, choose us for our reliable services.  When personal computing began to take hold and the internet had it’s first major service provider, a boom rang across the land. It was the sound of hundreds of computers crashing daily and the subsequent cry for help. Computer SOS was born to respond to your computer repair needs. 
  • Computer Viruses, also called malware, come in a variety of forms of harmful or intrusive software. Once a virus is executed on your computer, it can replicate itself by modifying other computer programs and inserting its own code. This can then corrupt data and permanently prevent your computer from operating. 
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