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Utilizing Counterpoint's features to Increase Average Ticket Sales

As consumers, we’ve come to rely on moving seamlessly between online and physical transactions. No matter how you prefer to bank, shop or dine, omni-channel technology helps brick-and-mortar businesses integrate eCommerce with their in-store systems.

Both the store and consumer benefit from creating a richer experience by automating or enabling self-service for lower-value transactions.


With more transactions moving online or to ATM/ITMs, bankers are able to build relationships and engage in higher-value consultation with customers. Online and mobile banking has eclipsed branch transactions in much of the world, according to the Fed.

Focusing on how to provide the best solutions to achieve the right strategic mix of personal, assisted and self-service offerings improves the customer experience, reduces costs and generates new revenue streams.


As retailers move toward customer experience retailing, we see them investing in technology that enables a consistent customer experience across all channels, including inside traditional stores. With this evolution, physical stores reinvent themselves to include common digital shopping features, such as customized promotions, flexible fulfillment choices and simple paths-to-purchase.

And, with a unified view of their customers and inventory across all channels, they can offer personalized shopping experiences and cross-channel fulfillment options, such as order online then pickup in store, or shop in-store and ship to home.

So, while mobile and online shopping will continue to grow, retail stores will remain the hub of the shopping experience – they’re just getting a whole lot better.

Hospitality and travel

Mobile guest engagement is fast becoming an expectation by consumers, especially where convenience and unified brand experiences are highly valued. In fact, it is the next big step in creating a larger, omni-channel experience.

Operators are looking more aggressively to meet the expectations of their guests – enabling them to engage wherever they are, whenever they choose. Brands are looking to provide loyalty programs, ordering capabilities, payment flexibility, and personalized offers for their guests and do so in a way that is consistent across the channels that each guest prefers.

A unified mobile experience can empower operators to drive interactions, convenience, sales and repeat business – as well as increase guest satisfaction. In restaurants, it’s ultimately the seamless experience that will encourage loyal customers to come back more frequently and spend more when they do.

Just as we thought all transactions were headed to the cloud, eliminating the need for brick-and-mortar, many ecommerce brands like Warby Parker, Google and Amazon are now bringing their wares to physical storefronts—permanent and pop-up—reinforcing the benefit of an omni-commerce approach. (CNBC)