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In a hard shutdown, the computer has not had the opportunity to shut down properly. Any updates, or programs that are running in the background are abruptly forced to shut down. Data loss, incomplete installations and suspension and corruption of any processes that were running before the shutdown are some of the outcomes of a […]

AmazonGo opens its second cashierless store in Seattle. Kroger launches self-scanning pilots, with plans to expand to 400 stores by the end of 2018. Sam’s Club Scan & Go transactions have doubled this year. Today’s retail headlines speak volumes: In-store mobile shopping is here to stay, and growing, as mobile-first customers look for new and […]

As mentioned in our first post in this series, there are three key pillars or components to evaluate when incorporating self-scanning technologies into your enterprise: Strategy Technology Operations Once you have determined your strategy for in-aisle mobile shopping, you can turn your attention to identifying the technologies and, where applicable, the partners to help you […]

As consumers, we’ve come to rely on moving seamlessly between online and physical transactions. No matter how you prefer to bank, shop or dine, omni-channel technology helps brick-and-mortar businesses integrate eCommerce with their in-store systems. Both the store and consumer benefit from creating a richer experience by automating or enabling self-service for lower-value transactions. Banking […]