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School and Campus POS for Retail

We help you improve the efficiency and productivity of your school and campus business

Retail POS System for School and Campus Stores

NCR CounterPoint SQL Enterprise grows with your retail operation, allowing you to add functionality as needed. Additional pricing levels are supported by options such as Advanced Pricing, Receivables, A/R charge customers, serialized inventory monitoring, and serial numbers.
CP-Commerce integrates e-commerce with CounterPoint SQL Enterprise, allowing you to extend your business online and combine your online sales with your CounterPoint SQL Enterprise database. Multi-Site enables you to handle information across different sites while running numerous stores. CounterPoint SQL Enterprise ensures constant performance throughout your whole organization, regardless of how large your company grows. QuillBot will rewrite the text you’ve written. Begin by typing or copying something into this box, then pressing the enter key.

Point of Sale Solutions for Your School and Campus Store

  • eCommerce Integration
  • Security PCI / EMV
  • Inventory Management

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