Wholesale ERP

Ecommerce Integration to
NCR CounterPoint SQL

Magento Ecommerce provides one site for all devices. 

Do you need to replace NCR Retail Online (NRO) & NCR CP Online (CPO)? 

Are you looking for a replacement for NCR Retail Online  - NRO or CounterPoint Online - CP-Online?  CP-Commerce is ecommerce integration to NCR CounterPoint that is a perfect solution which syncs data between CounterPoint SQL and Magento Ecommerce websites.  Not only do we sync orders, items, inventory, and customers, but we also sync A/R balances, customer specific prices, and discount codes.  We’ve developed Magento customizations for local delivery calculators, customer A/R charges, and store pickup to name a few.

CP-Commerce - Ecommerce Integration to NCR CounterPoint. 

We have been developing and hosting thousands of websites for online registration, and ecommerce sites for 20+ years.  Our online software and solutions have processed over 150 million online transactions.  We’re very good at NCR Counterpoint SQL installation and integration, but our 15 in-house developers are experts at web and ecommerce software, as well as CounterPoint customizations.

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