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Dell Retail Industry Solutions

We can set up your retail store with the right IT and POS Solutions to help grow your retail business through increasing efficiency, reducing errors and strengthening sales.

Set up your retail business with

the right IT solutions. 

From brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce sites, consumers have an ever-expanding choice of merchants. Setting up shop with the right technology can help you create a compelling, customer-centric environment that sets you apart in the crowded retail landscape.

From inventory optimization to staff mobilization, from real-time data mining to social media-powered customer services, Dell solutions can help you stay competitive with options the not only meet your business needs, but will help your business grow and achieve your goals.

POS Systems | Customer Service Departments

If you’re looking for an affordable, space-saving design that pairs effortlessly with an existing monitor. Tool-free maintenance, single security cable lock for a PC and display, integrated cable management, and fast relocation makes the OptiPlex Micro Form Factor incredibly easy to manage.

The OptiPlex All-in-One is a powerful, reliable solution that increases productivity without losing workspace. An articulating stand lays the monitor almost flat and optional touch screen lets you interact with customers.

Industrial-Grade POS Systems

This machine can withstand up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. Standard port covers offer basic dust protection, and an optional dust filter reduces downtime associated with dust removal. This makes the Optiplex the perfect PC for dirty and dusty environments like garden centers and lumber yards.

Long-term platform stability, the OptiPlex is a stable and durable desktop PC featuring an ultralong lifecycle, high heat tolerance and exceptional management capabilities. We can help ypu implement a scalable, enterprise-caliber retail IT infrastructure that grows sales and strengthens loyalty.