CounterPoint V7 Upgrade to SQL

Why You Should Upgrade Your
CounterPoint V7 to Counterpoint SQL

Though your CounterPoint V7 software may still be running fine and providing for your business's needs, every day you continue to use outdated software puts your business at risk. Continue reading to see why you should be upgrading to CounterPoint SQL.

The Risks of Continuing to Use CounterPoint V7

Downtime and Revenue Loss

Every time your Counterpoint V7 system goes down, you experience revenue loss. When you can't checkout customers, they leave, you don't make sales.  When you have to call to get support to fix your outdated POS system, you are faced with the fact that your system is no longer supported by regularly released patches that fix most common problems. This makes you responsible for potentially costly repairs and extended periods of downtime.

Credit Card Errors

By continuing to run your outdated version of CounterPoint V7, you are putting your business and customers at risk of credit card errors. In order to try and stay compliant, you must handle the customers card and enter the information yourself, this can lead to costly mistakes and poor customer relations.

The Inconveniences of Continuing to Use CounterPoint V7


The apps and software that that used to integrate with CounterPoint V7 no longer work. To continue enjoying the conveniences they offered, you must purchase third party apps and software for email marketing, mobile POS and e-commerce, then pay to have them integrated. Even after all this, you will still have to sync your data manually.


CounterPoint V7 does not come with the intuitive, modern interface that's part of CounterPoint SQL. Having a user interface that lacks the advanced controls of CounterPoint SQL means it takes much longer to train your employees to be proficient with the software. A lack of proficiency leads to mistakes, dissatisfied customers and loss of revenue.

Why You Should Upgrade to Counterpoint SQL

  • Counterpoint SQL helps prevent the lose of your data, downtime and the loss of revenue.
  • Counterpoint SQL comes with integrated credit card processing. Certified payment devices allow you to accept chips cards, PIN debt and touch payments.
  • Counterpoint SQL allows you to use the integrated apps and software your accustomed.
  • Counterpoint SQL has a modern, intuitive user interface that makes training your employess less time consuming and more effective.

Upgrade to CounterPoint SQL now to take advantage of the most modern Retail Management POS system available. You owe it to yourself, your business and your customers.