CounterPoint Cloud Hosting

Counterpoint POS Cloud Hosting

A POS cloud hosted solution is an excellent alternative to owning 

Shift expenses from high cost, upfront capital expenses, to low cost hosted system implementations 

POS Cloud Hosting 

A Cloud Hosted POS Solution simplifies complex retail technology by removing the costs associated with managing physical servers. With this burden removed, you can focus on what’s important: growing your business, meeting your customers’ needs, and being profitable.

CounterPoint Cloud Hosting Services offers lowering costs, rapid deployment and increased efficiency, while still meeting your need for high application availability and IT security. Costs are shifted from high cost, upfront capital expenses, to low cost hosted system implementations. New software applications are quickly deployed, and infrastructure and personnel costs are reduced. With CounterPoint Cloud Hosting Services you can be assured your systems are running at peak performance allowing youto focus on running your business.

Counterpoint POS Cloud Hosting enables you to:
  • Leverage the experience of a leader in IT hosting services.
  • Operate your critical applications without worry.
  • Minimize interruptions to your business.
  • Access Counterpoint from any device, anywhere.
  • Safeguard your business from risk.
  • Improve performance with efficient and seamless migration.
Counterpoint Cloud POS Hosting at a glance 
  • Fast, secure and scales as your business grows
  • On-demand scalability; add or remove users anytime
  • Easily convert from single to multiple stores
  • Rapid provisioning
  • Cost-predictive and effective
  • E-commerce integration with CP-Commerce
  • Accounting software hosting and integration
  • Office 365 Implementation and Hosting