Computer Sales & Service

Computer Sales and Service
in Buffalo, NY 

Business & Home Computers Desktops & Laptops 

Are you looking for a  home or office computer but don’t want to spend hundreds to almost thousands of dollars for a computer that far exceeds your needs? We sell computer packages for your home or office that will work far beyond your expectations without being overpriced. From basic home computers for everyday needs to more advanced systems to help manage a business, office or store, we have you covered.

Already have a computer but looking to upgrade to a new operating system or want to add to it? Computer SOS Inc.can update your existing computer by installing more memory or a much faster SSD to replace your old, slow hard drive. You don’t have to replace your computer every time a new operating system or other advancements happen in the computer industry. Now you can have a high-performance computer that won’t be outdated without having to transfer your data and have comfort knowing all your files and programs are safe and secure on the computer you're already familiar with.

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